Fact and Opinion

Fun With Fact and Opinion

The uh-uuh test…Looking for an easy way to help students better understand the difference between a fact and an opinion? Try this!

FACT– (TRUE and REAL) All three of these words have four letters!

Example: The nail is two inches long.

This is a fact because it is true and can be proven.

OPINION– An opinion is something about which someone can open their mouth to argue with you. If you draw the “O” in opinion as an open mouth that is ready to argue, it is a great way to remind your students what an opinion is.

Example: My mom makes the best cookies.

If someone can open their mouth to say, “Uh-uuh…MY mom makes the best cookies!”, then you have stated an opinion.

Give each sentence the “Uh-uuh Test!” When you open your mouth to argue or disagree, it is an opinion!

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