When to Add -es to Make It Plural

Making Plurals Easy

You can always help students remember when to add -es to a word to make it plural by having a visible chart in the room.

(Add -es to words ending in s,x,z,ch, and sh).

But what happens when they do not have a visible resource?

Try these two tips!

 1) Have the students clap the syllables in the base word. Then have them clap the syllables in the plural form of the word.

         a) Did the number of syllables stay the same?

              If so, add s.

         b) Did the number of syllables increase?

               If so, add es.


2) Have students stand. Clap out the syllables while saying the plural word aloud. If they hear /iz/ (es) at the end, they will bend their knees. Exaggerate the /iz/ sound so they will be sure to hear it.

Bottom line, you’ll need to practice to make them more aware of the sounds, but they should be able to hear the /iz/ sound at the end of the word and “feel” the extra syllable when they bend their knees.