Doubling Consonants Before -ed/-ing

A Rhyme to Remember a Rule

When do you double your consonant before adding -ed and -ing?
A RHYME will do it every TIME!

(The rule is that if there is a vowel before the final consonant, then you double the final consonant. If there is a consonant before, then you just add the -ed and -ing.

    Teach your students this rhyme:

“If there’s a vowel before, then you DOUBLE it to score!”

Ex: WORK- working, worked (no vowel, so don’t double)
SLIP- slipping, slipped (There was a vowel, so you double the final consonant)
MASK- masking, masked (no vowel, so don’t double)

*Words ending with “e” are a little trickier. Check out the other post for the hint with that!:)

Drop or Keep the “e” Before a Suffix

Those Pesky Grumpy Vowels

Dropping or Keeping the “E” before adding a Suffix?

RULES: Keep the “e” if the suffix begins with a consonant. (-ly, ful, -less, -ment, -dom, etc.)
Drop the “e” if the suffix begins with a vowel. (-able, -en, -ion, er, -est, -ing, -ed, -al, etc.)

Teach your students to ALWAYS…


1) If it is a vowel, he is grumpy and says, “I’m already a vowel. We don’t need another one!”
So…you DROP the “e”.

2) If it is a consonant, he says, “We need a vowel, so come along!”
So…you KEEP the “e”.

Examples to try:
Care +less +ing +ful
argue +ment +ing
creative +ly
excite +able + ment
awake +en