Phonics trick for remembering ow sounds

Remembering the Two Sounds of “ow”

Idea contributed by: Debbie, Olive Branch, MS

Using your RIGHT hand to make an okay sign, you will see an “o” and a “w”.

(If you use the left hand, it will spell “Wo” (whoa!), so don’t use your left hand!)

A little drama is needed, but your students will remember the sounds.

-With your “Okay” sign, act as if you have hurt yourself and say, “Ow! I hurt my finger!”

-Then, in a sympathetic voice say, “Ow (oh), I’m SO sorry.”

Let them say both a few times and see how much drama can be created while practicing the two sounds.

Model to your students that when they come to unfamiliar word containing an “ow”, they will be able to recall the two sounds to try when trying to sound out the word (ex: grown, crowd, shower, etc.).

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